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Its a big news day for sure.  On KFBK, we spent the morning and will spend the afternoon discussing the suspicious packages sent to politicians and media outlets.  It's an unsettling series of events and brings into focus some of the real issues we have with politics in such a polarized time.

However, you may remember (if you read it) that early in my blogging on this page I said I would often share non-news items and things I'm interested in.  Things like motivation, innovation, entrepreneurship...and when those topics coincide with cool events, I'd write about that too. we are on another #WCW.  (Woman Crush Wednesday) I love the spirit of this little hashtag holiday each week because it reminds me how many women have stepped forward to help me in my own professional life, the women I admire and seek out for advice, the women that have encouraged me and cheered me on over the past year and a half.

The names that come to mind: Jane, Cate, Alisa, Sarah, Jill, Gina.   They are from a wide walk of life...everything from CEO's to entrepreneurs, middle management to doctors and homemakers.  They bring to mind a favorite quote of mine, "If you're not drowning, you're a lifeguard".   With competition in life being fierce we all need to build a tribe.  Rachel Hollis has done that.

Hollis is a New York Times bestselling author, and motivational speaker.  She will be in Sacramento to talk to women of all ages this weekend.  I just met Rachel a couple of weeks ago on the phone when I interviewed her for my podcast. I understand why she resonates so well with women.  She feels like one of those close girlfriends you can ask for advice. She'd offer support, or give it to you straight if you need a dose of reality.  I liked her as soon as we met.

Her event is sold out this weekend, however, there is a live video stream and I'm about to give you a code for a hefty discount.   This is a chance on a Sunday afternoon to gather your tribe, make some food (a hummus plate with veggies would be nice), pour some champagne or sparkling water and soak in some motivation.  Couldn't we all use that?  

Join me Sunday...and a bunch of other Women Crush Wednesday Worthy ladies.


Ps:  Your 50% discount code for the  live stream is:  iheart (all lowercase)

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