Shhhhhh....Don't Tell the Spiders

If you  have arachnophobia, you might want to skip this story.   Biologists in Sweden say if the spiders of the world worked together, they could eat all humans in one year and still be hungry.  Two spider experts published their study in the journal Science of Nature this month and they had all kinds of nightmare spider/human statistics.  

Around the globe, spiders eat 400 million tons of meat and fish a year. The entire biomass of humans on earth is 316 million tons.  Spider appetites are  huge. A 200 hundred pound man would have to eat 20 pounds of meat a day to have a spider's appetite. On the other side of the culinary coin,  it would take 2000 spiders to consume a 200 pound man in one day.

Cristina Mendonsa

Cristina Mendonsa

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