Old Town Road - Who Decides What is Country?

Is it a country song with a rapper or a rap song with a country bent? Radio programmers can't seem to decide but "Old Town Road" has ripped up music charts as a 19 year old from Atlanta named Lil Nas X has caused some waves in the country purist circles. iHeart country program director for "The Bull" Amanda Burd says, "This song has blown up on the internet and its number one on so many charts right now. I would say its a country song and belongs on the Billboard charts".

Lil Nas X wrote the song after entering a social media contest on a platform called Tik Tok. Now..he's gone from running a Nicki Minaj fan site to topping music charts around the country. Billboard pulled, "Old Town Road" off the charts after complaints that it was a rap song but momentum online and a remix with Billy Ray Cyrus has programmers giving Old Town Road another look.

"I just hope that country radio embraces this song because there isn't a lot of diversity in country music, there isn't a lot of black representation in country music so for lil Nas x to have this huge song right now that leans country I think its a big deal and if we embrace that now that could open a whole new world for country music and new listeners that would be awesome.

The two clips attached: Our discussion on the KFBK Morning News and the song so you can hear for yourself

Cristina Mendonsa

Cristina Mendonsa

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