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Should You Have that Meeting?

How many meetings do you have today at work?

We usually have before the show to discuss what we're doing that day and one after the show to discuss what we're doing tomorrow.

The meeting is a great way to get decisions made but research shows that most people in a work meeting are actually:

a. daydreaming, b. sleeping, c. feeling overwhelmed or d. doing other work.

Professional development experts say meeting just to meet is not only a waste of time its disrespectful so they've developed three questions to ask yourself :

Professional development expert and author Kelly Acetta, author of, How to diffuse the landmines we plant in our lives, joined us this morning for a segment on the three questions to ask yourself before calling a meeting: Do we need a meeting? What exactly will this meeting accomplish? Who needs to be at this meeting?

Finally, what is the ONE thing you should not do in a meeting? Listen to the segment and find out! Then join us tomorrow morning on KFBK Morning News

KFBK Morning News Segment - Meetings, Do you Really Need Them?

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