New Clue and Famed Explorer Could Lead to Amelia Earhart's Airplane

Robert Ballard, Explorer (courtesy National Geographic)
1937 picture of island where Amelia Earhart's plane may be

Underwater archaeologist, Robert Ballard is looking for Amelia Earhart. There's a good chance he'll find her plane. Ballard found the Titanic in 1985. He has a ship full of has new evidence of Earhart's fate.

A photo obtained by the The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery was taken by a British Naval officer in 1937. The photo shows the island but enhanced you can see something in the surf that investigators believe to be Earhart's Lockheed Electra airplane.

National Geographic is funding the expedition and following Ballard's crew as they produce a two hour documentary. Follow the progress here. Click the link for our segment on Ballard's search.

Picture shows area of interest
Cristina Mendonsa

Cristina Mendonsa

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