Placer County Announces Partnership with Ring Doorbell Security

A follow up on a story we did last week concerning the doorbell security company "RING" and the partnerships it now has with 400 law enforcement agencies around the country. Legal experts are concerned that this close relationships with police could threaten civil liberties and of course everyone wants to know if police will have unfettered access to their RING video

After our initial story, Lt. Andrew Scott of the Placer county sheriffs department reached out. They are announcing a partnership with RING today and he says the partnership means citizens will have more anonymity and more choice, not less.

Below is our segment and discussion of these new partnerships in general and how Placer county is rolling out the new partnership specifically.

In addition to the Ring partnership, Placer county is keeping its "Eagle Eye" security camera program which allows citizens to voluntarily register their cameras with the sheriff's department (for those who have other brands but still want to assist law enforcement).

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