Reversing the Age of our DNA - We're Getting Closer

We are closer than ever to cracking the code on aging. Just this month, in a medical journal called, "Aging Cell" a small but impressive research project out of UCLA showed how a drug cocktail of growth hormone and two diabetes drugs reversed the aging process in nine men.

It didn't halt reversed it. The subjects didn't look any younger but their DNA did. This is the most impressive yet of a group of studies led by a guy named Steve Hovarth, out of UCLA. He developed the epigentic clocks which are biochemical tests to measure the age of DNA. Hovarth started applying this tool to blood DNA in 2015. Below is our segment on the study and ways we can all slow down our age clocks. If you really want to "nerd-out" (like I did!) check out Hovarth's full lecture from last year, as the trial was going on, here

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