Land Park Resident Says Lax Drug & Theft Laws are Causing Homeless Crisis

KFBK Morning Show Segment - Homeless in Land Park

An article online about the homeless problem in Sacramento caught my eye this past weekend because so many people were commenting on it. We've had Mayor Steinberg in to chat about the homelessness issue and he's concentrating on shelters and getting more affordable housing. This article has a different take and we're always working to get you different perspectives on an issue.

Ramona Russell, a writer, community advocate and creator of a group called Save Sac wrote the article referenced above. She's lived in land park for 18 years and says drug use is the main issue. She interviewed 60 residents, took ride-a-longs with law enforcement and spoke to real estate professionals. She says laws passed in California that have decriminalized drug use and theft have created a perfect storm and irresistible draw for addicts who cycle though stealing and using always staying below the threshold of police arrest.

There is currently an effort by police chiefs in California to amend one of those laws, Prop 47, to change the thresholds for certain crimes.

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