Fill Out Those FAFSAs Now For College Bound Students

We're coming up on college application time for many Northern California high school seniors and if you haven't already done so,now is the time to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. it opened on October 1st. The earlier you fill this out for your student the better chance they have at grants and loans. Here is a list of documents you need.

A new federal study says 32% of students don't fill out their FAFSA each year because they either don't know about it or think they won't qualify for anything. Listen to the segment below to understand why this isn't true.

Students can fill out the FAFSA(or their parents)but they have to clearly state who is filling out the forms because there is student information that has to be filled in and parent information. Students and parents must have separate FAFSA ids and login credentials.

If your kid is heading for a private school...there is also the CSS profile to fill out. This determines aid or grants for the country's elite universities and this has a different set of rules that you may want to consider when choosing where to apply. Some colleges require the parent's home equity to be considered in applications for aid.

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