Sacramento's Commute Higher than Average

KFBK Morning Show Segment - Commute

Commutes are getting longer...thats not really news but Robert Half Agency dug into the numbers in a recent study and found Sacramento is above average for commute time in the car. The average national commute is 48 minutes a day. For sacramento commuters, the average is 54 minutes. 50% of Sacramento regional workers say commuting is stressful, not as high as Miami (which came in first for stress) or even San Diego (which came in second).

Luckily for Sacramento commuters we also have a higher than average number of employers willing to offer flexible scheduling or telecommuting. 43% of manager surveyed say they'd be willing to shift a employees hours to avoid a long commute while 32% are open to their employees occasionally telecommuting

Linda Ranier, career coach says use the VISA method to ask your boss if you can telecommute...Visa stands for: explaining your value, your proving your ability to work Independently, explaining your situation and finally to ask.  For more on this listen to our segment attached to the story.

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