Holocaust Survivor Irving Roth - Love, Betrayal and Redemption

Irving Roth on the KFBK Morning News

Of the 500,000 people who survived the holocaust, there are few still living. Dying with them are the stories and historical perspective on the holocaust. At 90 years old, Irving Roth still tours the country talking about his experiences in the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz and educating as many people as he can. Roth was 14 when he went to Auschwitz. He and his parents did make it out alive but his grandfather and his brother did not.

Roth will be in Folsom next week for a special lecture and I had a chance to chat with him. I asked him what he's asked about most as he travels. He told me the enduring question is how did you sustain your will to survive? Here the rest of our conversation in this audio clip and link to information on tickets to Roth's January 23rd lecture in Folsom.

Irving Roth - Love, Betrayal and Redemption

Irving Roth - Love, Betrayal and Redemption

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