A Fresh Agenda w/Cristina Mendonsa - Episode #77 - Suzanne Somers

My conversation with Suzanne Somers covers the span of her up and down, triumphant and tragic career/life through early success with Threes Company, her loss of that job when she dared ask for pay equity and her rise through Vegas, product lines and health activism.

She appeared in the television role of Chrissy Snow on Three's Company and as Carol Foster Lambert on Step by Step and along the way, became a Las Vegas favorite and launched her business empire with the "Thigh-Master".

I really push Suzanne on how and why she was able to pivot when Hollywood shut her out and she tells some great stories along the way to her answer. Below is our preview on the KFBK Morning News. You can get the full podcast here

Her health advice has been considered controversial at times. She is a multiple New York Times best selling author and has written 27 books on topics of aging, sex and health. Her latest book is called, "A New Way to Age"

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