A Fresh Agenda with Cristina Mendonsa - Episode #82 Mark Haney

Episode #82 - Mark Haney: Innovator, Entrepreneur, Thought Leader and founder of HaneyBiz.Com

If you are involved in the entrepreneurial world in Northern California you know the name. Not only has he started dozens of businesses, he has and continues to work with entrepreneurs on their own businesses. He’s the president of the Sacramento Entrepreneurs Organization and runs his own HaneyBiz solutions for entrepreneurs. He has a podcast, a radio show and has not only put his moral support and business acumen to work for others, but his money too. He’s invested in quite a few businesses. He’s optimistic by nature, always ready with encouraging words and today is no different. Despite the fact that we are currently going through an unprecedented disruption of not only our business lives but our private lives as well, Haney has some wisdom you'll enjoy. Link above!

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