Frontline Perspectives

A group of journalists and storytellers from around the world discussing the response to the the pandemic in their communities and countries. This week, reports from Boston, Sacramento, California, Atlanta and Sydney, Australia. This week, we hear from Capt. Ken Malcom of the Covington, GA #policedepartment. With more than 30 years of#lawenforcement experience, he speaks to how this pandemic has impacted crime and law enforcement, everywhere. And we also visit with Shannon Clark in #sydney #australia. Shannon is a dance instructor, and has had to pivot her business model to survive this chapter. She also tells us about how Australians are coping, in general. Thanks to the people who helped make this production possible: Erik Brock, Phil Desmangles, Dave McCreary from New Age Aerial, Ryan Norton, Nathalie Pozo, and Dusty Wood.