Frontline Perspectives

In our latest edition of "Frontline Perspectives," Will Frampton and I again welcome friends near and far to help make sense of COVID-19.

Joining us this week is Eric Silverstein, founder of the The Peached Tortilla in #austintexas. He talks about how his company has survived the shutdown, and how other restaurants will need to adapt if they're going to survive in the coming months and years.

Also, we speak with Tina Dyrberg Johansen in #Denmark, to get a perspective on how her nation has responded to the pandemic, and what they think of neighboring #sweden's approach in not shutting down as most other countries did.

This production was made possible by assistance from Erik Brock on graphics, Phil Desmangles with on-site filming in #sacramento, Hank Cavagnaro with on-site production in Austin, New Age Aerial with drone video in Sacramento, and Dusty Wood and Nathalie Pozo with consultation and assistance in #Boston.