Mother's Day in a Pandemic: Ideas to Celebrate Mom from a Distance

KFBK Morning News - Valerie Sokolosky

There are no rules (no precedent!) for a pandemic mothers day but there are options for making mom feel special this holiday. Americans still plan on spending, on average, $205 on the holiday but for many, money is tight. In this interview with etiquette expert Valerie Sokolosky, we chat about no cost options and what moms want most this weekend. Sokolosky is an author and host of her own show: Doing it right the stories that make us

If you do plan on purchasing something for mom, here is a fun high tech option I found: Bond Touch Bracelets . Its no substitute for a hug but these bracelets will let you let mom know you're thinking about her. You tap the bracelet and mom feels the tap on her wrist.