Most American Teens are not Flourishing: New Study

A report out today on the well being of American teenagers shows 60% are not flourishing and that teens are reporting higher levels of stress than adults. The leading cause is concern about crime but anxiety and depression related to friends and pressure to get good grades also play into the numbers.

This morning on the KFBK Morning News, I talked to one of the authors of the study Dr. Ben Miller, a Psychiatrist, author and leader of Well Being Trust. He says Covid shutdowns and the loss of going to school dealt devastating blows for many kids who were already struggling. The protests added to the stress and anxiety.

Dr. Miller says you can start by limiting your exposure to the information you can process each day but also reassuring your kids...not by denying whats happening or brushing off the bad news but discussing it with the amount of information they can process:

Hear the segment below and read the full report: : Advancing Teen Flourishing

KFBK Morning News Segment - Failure to Flourish