Dan Mitchinson
"There's a sign I saw painted on a wall when I was traveling recently, it said 'As time passes, our new home becomes our old home.' I think that's a perfect description of what Sacramento is to me. It's my new home, but the longer I stay here, the more I'll think of it as my old home."Dan launched his radio career when he was just 16. "I was in high school, and wanted to find a way into the business. I decided to ask the advisor of my school's newspaper if I could write monthly articles about local radio people, TV anchors and celebrities. Once I got the OK, the first person I interviewed was my favorite nighttime DJ. When I went back to drop off a copy of the article I asked if I could intern with him. He said 'Sure, why not. Let me check with my boss. Come back in a month.' Well I did, but he had forgotten about me and didn't ask his boss if it was OK. But since I was there, he let me stick around, and one thing lead to another....and here I am today at KFBK."Dan's taken a few 'side trips' during his career. He's also anchored TV newscasts across Southern California and Washington, as well as hosting and anchoring newscasts in Seattle, San Diego and Portland, Oregon. In addition to making appearances on several national television news shows, Dan's been honored with numbers awards that he says "Won't mean anything to anyone outside the business, but it makes me proud my colleagues have recognized that at least some of what I've done has been worthwhile."Besides radio, Dan's other passion is traveling. "I've been called a bit of a vagabond. I love exploring new countries and meeting people from other cultures. There are so many stories out there in the world, that sometimes just reporting on them isn't enough. The best way for me is to go out and experience them." He recently returned from six months in New Zealand which he calls 'One of the most beautiful places on the planet." A few years ago Dan took an entire year off to travel around the world, and said it was "The best experience of my life."But when it comes to his first passion, The KFBK Morning News, Dan says "You have to do more than tell a story, you have to connect with it. I know that's what keeps me listening, and I hope it keeps you listening."Got a story idea, or just want to say 'hi?' Connect with Dan at DanMitchinson@iheartmedia.com or on twitter @dmitchinson