Is New Zealand Attacking The Way We Make Tea?

As I've just boiled the water in my electric kettle, and sat down for my first cup of tea of the morning, I start browsing through some of my usual news sites online, and I came across one article published recently that said "It comes as no surprise then that Twitter was in uproar...over the discovery that most Americans don't use electric kettles."

Well, that got my attention, because I've used an electric kettle for as long as I can remember, but apparently I'm in the minority. According to the New Zealand online site "...some Americans are so confused when they encounter an electric kettle on overseas holidays, there have been instances where they accidentally melt the bottom of of these devices by putting them on the stove."

Then I came across tweets like the one below:

Apparently this is a pretty big debate overseas in New Zealand right now according to the article. I can't imagine not using my electric kettle. It's fast, it boils the water better than trying to "nuke" some in the microwave, and it doesn't take as much energy as a stove top kettle (although there's debate over that too apparently). Plus, if you want to make a good cup of tea, water has to come to a "rolling boil," which is something you just to seem to be able to get from a microwave (and certainly not in most restaurants if you order tea).

I'll let the debate continue, and I'll give New Zealand "props" for bringing up a topic I've felt is long overdue for discussion. I've loved the Kiwis for years, and spent some time living in that friendly and beautiful country. Unlike in the U.S, most New Zealanders know how to make a good cup of tea (and yes, I'll admit it here, I am a tea snob). In the meantime, I'm off to boil the water for another pot of my old, battered but trusty electric kettle. Cheers!

Dan Mitchinson

Dan Mitchinson

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