Daughter To Me: "You're Sort Of Bald On Top..."

My daughter, who is 11, came up into our bathroom recently, and started having a conversation about my hair.

"I don't mean to be rude or anything" she said, "but have you thought about putting some color in your hair? I saw a picture when you used to be really, really blonde." Mom must have shown her this picture.

"That was a long time ago" I said. "I know" she went on," but maybe you could put brown in your hair to cover all this white." Yikes! "What white" I asked. "You have this circle of white on the top of your head" she told me. So I gave her my phone and she took this picture.

Maybe I'm colorblind, but I guess it sort of looks white. It's also starting to thin out....but that's another story. 

The whole time we're talking she has her brush and she's working on a new hairstyle for me. I don't think she likes the one I have. I told her to come up with one and I'll try it. "It's only hair, if they mess it up too much, it will grow back."  But I told her "mom likes the grey in my hair, and I've come to accept it. In fact, I really like the grey in my sideburns." 

"Well" she told me, "I still think you should try some highlights and see about making it match the rest of the color of your hair." I told her I'd think about it. Honestly, I still think of myself as having blonde hair, or "dishwater blonde," as I joke. 

But that's the great thing about having kids, they tell it like they see it. Like when I asked her if I was losing hair, and she said, "you're sort of bald on top....in one area, but it's not really bald or too bad." I laughed (sort of),and that conversation we had, which lasted about 25 minutes, will be something I treasure forever. 

In the meantime, I'll just think of myself as having a full, lush head of hair, like in the picture below.

See, I'm not really that grey...not yet at least.

Dan Mitchinson

Dan Mitchinson

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