Three Day Old "News" ISN'T News.

Let me start by saying I respect (most) print journalists. I love newspapers. One of the first things I remember reading as a kid was our local evening newspaper in San Diego, "The Tribune." Dad would get upset with me if the sections weren't in order when he came home from work.

To this day, an ideal morning/weekend is to read three papers, a local, national and international. But it's getting harder to support my local paper when I can't even get them to deliver it!

I've had nothing but problems since I started subscribing. Papers without a plastic cover when it rains. My subscription not put on hold when I'm on vacation. Not being able to access their "phone tree" to alert the carrier when my paper hasn't arrived. Then when I do get someone, it's like they're reading off a TV teleprompter....each person says almost the exact same thing and nothing is ever accomplished.

My paper didn't arrive a week ago Sunday. I was assured one was on it's way. It never arrived. No paper Friday. Same thing. Nothing Saturday (I couldn't reach anyone because the delivery office is closed that day) and no Sunday paper (after two calls and a conversation with a couple of supervisors). I was assured I would have my paper within two hours. Nothing.

So I get home yesterday afternoon, and there are my papers. Three days worth of "news" that isn't news. Print, like all media, is facing tough competition these days. There are so many different ways to stay connected and informed. One of those ways for me is to read my local paper, but sadly I can't read what I don't get.

Dan Mitchinson

Dan Mitchinson

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