I Ask My 11 Year Old Daughter 5 Random Questions

My 11 year old daughter is interested in what I do (some days) , but she's not overly impressed I'm on the radio (I don't blame her). She's pretty honest when she hears me say something she doesn't agree with, make a mistake (oh yes, she'll point that out as soon as I get home) , or use what she calls my "fake radio laugh." We talked about what it's like to interview someone on the radio, and agreed to interview each other. This week I get to ask her five random questions. So, here we go:

Dan: What do you think of 6th grade?

Melissa: Sixth grade is different from fifth grade for sure, but you get used to it.

Dan: Is it too early to see Christmas decorations in the store?

Melissa: For me I would say yes, because I would say they should start advertising Christmas after Halloween.

Dan: If you could have dinner with one famous person in the world, who would it be? Oh, and just so you know, you can choose from a living or dead person.

Melissa: Melissa Benoist is who I would say, because she is playing one of my favorite superhero characters (Supergirl) on TV.

Dan: Mom says I have my "real voice," and my "radio voice." Do you think I sound different on the radio than at home.

Melissa: Yes, you do sound different on the radio than at home, because on the radio, you also have a fake laugh (at this point I try to defend myself, but Melissa won't back down and says I should listen to my show more often).

Dan: What's the best part about growing up for you?

Melissa: Friendship, family, kindness and books.

Dan Mitchinson

Dan Mitchinson

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