Am I A Cheapskate When It Comes To Halloween Candy?

My wife and I don't agree on the type of Halloween candy we should hand out to trick or treaters. She wants to splurge and get the good stuff...the big bags that have Hershey's, Almond Joy, Kit-Kat and all the other mini candy bars.

Me, I want to buy the cheapest stuff we can find... like Bottle Caps, Nerds, or those generic lollipops that you can get a bag of 200 for five bucks.

But here's my reasoning why. This stuff is expensive to buy, and why would I want to give out the good stuff, like dark chocolate Hershey's or m&m's when we can keep it at home, and give out the blow pops or starbursts to the neighborhood kids? 

They're not going to remember who gave them what. And if you hold the candy in your hand, and put it in the bag, they're not even going to know what you gave them!

OK, re-reading that last sentence, I do sound like a tightwad, but in all seriousness, we seem to buy way too much, have leftovers, then are stuck with it until the kids eat it (sugar high) or I break down and eat it (even if I don't like's there, and my willpower isn't what it once was). 

So, what say you? When you go out to buy your candy, what will you choose?

Dan Mitchinson

Dan Mitchinson

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