How To Make YOUR Bathroom Toilet Smell A LOT Better!

Every year around this time I start to see commercials for something called Poo Pourri. Finally a few years ago, I dug around, and was able to connect with the creator of this unusual bathroom spray. I thought I'd share this story with you again, in case your missed it the first time around. Her name is Suzy Batiz, and she has been working for years to get rid of foul bathroom odors.

“My husband is the inspiration” she says laughing. “He’s a very stinky guy.”

After nine months of testing homemade formulas on her husband, kids and friends, Batiz came up with a winning formula.

“My backgrounds with aroma therapies, I love to work with oils, and it’s sort of a hobby” she told me.

“The idea came to me through my brother-in-law who said ‘What if you could make something that would trap odors?’ “The idea fascinated me and I never thought I’d ever have this amazing bathroom product, but somehow I got it to work, and my husband walked out of the bathroom and said ‘Oh my God, we’re going to be millionaires.’ “

Now, she’s taken a topic that most of us avoid talking about, and turned it into a 20 million dollar a year money making machine. Poo-Pourri and it’s various products are now sold in thousand of stores across the Unites States, and on TV.

“I’ll tell you, there was only one day in seven years that’s I’ve not had a joy in my step and was ready to run into the office, and that’s when our video went viral and we had a really hard time for about a month, we were several million dollars in back orders, and people were calling up angry, screaming at us because they couldn’t get their poo spray.”

Batiz says Poo Pourri typically sells for between ten and twenty dollars. The tagline, “Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will ever know” is how the company describes its line of attack

“It’s a dream job, I’ll tell you” Batiz says laughing.  Although she admits, this isn’t how she thought her life would turn out, “teaching people how to use a poo spray.” But she loves her job, and has plans to expand the product line later this year, with another tongue in cheek advertising campaign.

“You can’t have a big head with a title like Poo Executive Officer. It keeps you humble.

(Watch the video below)

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