What Is YOUR Definition Of "Happiness?"

My dad's never believed in true "happiness." He says it's better to be content, and maybe he's right. I started thinking about what makes me happy while I took some time off, and then posed that question on facebook. Below are some of the responses I received:

Brock who lives in Sacramento wrote "Dancing. Find the creativity you never knew you had, own something that’s completely yours and display it for others to enjoy."

Steve is retired and lives in Spokane, Washington. For him, happiness is "A 65 inch Curved 4K UHD Television makes me happy... Why?.... because I’m old, retired and kind of a “techie”! Also enjoy watching movies... and a good picture plus surround sound CRANKED UP is a plus!"

Dave Williams is a former co-host of the KFBK Morning News, and wrote happiness for him, is life. "I'm sorry, I hate to be trite but I've seen so many people posting how 2017 was such a crappy year. I don't get it. It had it's ups and downs like every year. Unless you suffered a personal tragedy or a severe challenge I can promise 2018 will be no different. If you're alive and reasonably healthy drink from the half full cup. Every day is a blessing and a thrill."

DailyMail 8 Happy Things

Kelly is another radio colleague who works in San Diego, and I've listened to for years. She had this to say: "My Radio family (including You, Dan Mitchinson). It is wonderful to have a "job" that I love to go to twice a day, 5 days a week. To be able to interact with other Radio people via Facebook helps me stay connected and grateful."

And for Norie, who lives in San Diego, she says  "Our beautiful, colorful, little homegrown garden. I'm not a gardener, but my husband has created this little slice of paradise by not having a master design plan, or following rules of what should grow and flourish, but by simply deciding,  THIS will be a perfect addition to our backyard menagerie."

So there you go. The definition of "happiness" is different for all of us. I'm still working on mine. I know a cup of tea and reading the Sunday newspaper brings me happiness. So does travel. Seeing my kids laugh and my wife smile also makes me happy. 

Maybe I'll start working less on trying to be happy all the time, and more on enjoying being content.

Dan Mitchinson

Dan Mitchinson

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