Am I Sacramento's Most Curious News Tweeter?

I like to tweet. I'm more about quality than quantity, meaning I'm a little particular about who I follow. Same with Facebook. On my personal page I have several thousand "friend" requests, but I've only accepted a few hundred. I like the intimacy of being able to choose who you can "friend" or "unfriend," and the idea of also picking from a wide range of political opinions, and life experiences that people share. 

The other day I came across a blog from someone I used to work with, and it caught me a bit off guard (in a good way I guess you could say). This person (whose name I won't mention) asked the question "Who are the Kings and Queens of Sacramento News Social Media?" It was an interesting read, and a few people I'm familiar, or work with in Sacramento, both on radio and TV, were mentioned--KFBK's Kitty O' Neal, columnist Marcos Breton from the Sac Bee and TV guy Mark S Allen just to name a few.

Then the writer got to the "most curious Sacramento news Tweeter," and that's where I came in. She went on to write " During his morning show, Dan typically Tweets celebrities every day." Well, not every day, but several days a week if we're being honest here (OK, back to her story)"His favorites are William Shatner, Mark Hamill and John Wesley Shipp. For KFBK's recent radio interview with former FBI director James Comey, Dan turned to both Luke Skywalker and The Flash for advice on what to ask Comey."

 Dan's Tweets:

"@HamillHimself interviewing #JamesComeyInterview tomorrow at 7 am on @kfbk What question would you ask him if you could?

.@JohnWesleyShipp #JamesComeyInterview tomorrow he joins us live on @kfbk at 7 am. Wondering what one question you or your followers have for him that I can pass along?

"Why does Dan Tweet celebrities while doing  the morning news? Your guess is as good as mine."

That's a fair question. However, instead of guessing, I wish she had taken the time to ask me in person. 

Like many of you reading this, actors, sports figures, economists and other public figures are often very political. Their tweets can offer insight you might not normally hear them talk about in public or on TV. However, social media has opened a whole new platform, and allowed these people to expand on their thoughts, beliefs and political leanings more, shall we say, openly. Some of these people started following me after I did an interview with them, and others I've followed out of curiosity. We've developed an on-line relationship...just like I've done with so many of you.

I'm also curious...which is a trait every good broadcaster should have. So when I know someone, like John Wesley Shipp, Jeff Bridges, James Woods or someone else who is passionate about their politics, I often like to reach out to get their point of view.... like I do yours. Just because they're "famous" or in the public spotlight doesn't make their insight or opinion right or's just a different point of view. I happen to know that John, and Mark Hammill are both very politically active on twitter, so in addition to asking listeners for their questions, I also sent messages out to them. 

That's it. Nothing earth shattering. I'm just a storyteller who is interested in a wide range of opinions. You can agree with me, disagree with me, like me or hate me. In 30-plus years of being in this business, radio listeners and television viewers have done all that and more. 

Here's my final thought on this, if you're curious, and have a question...ask. Don't just wonder, or say "your guess is as good as mine." Life is full of wonder. Be curious, ask questions, even if you don't get the answer you were looking for.

Dan Mitchinson

Dan Mitchinson

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