Even Divorced, Love Kept Them Together

As a kid, I sort of had a crush on Toni Tennille. I kind of still do. I never knew much about her husband, "The Captain." Then, about a year ago, I had the chance to have a long talk with her. I asked her if she really loved Daryl with all her heart, why did she divorce him? They had been married for nearly 40 years. She told me "he just didn't know how to be affectionate." But even after they split, she said they became closer than they were while they were married.

"I think he loved me in his own kind of weird way, but he just simply could not express it." She kinda laughed when she said that, and then told me "As much as he drove me nuts, as much as I just almost lost my mind when I was living with him at that time, he brought out the most creative part of me in my whole life. We made music together, that's what we did, the rest of it didn't work."

Toni moved to Florida, and Daryl lived in Arizona. He was having some medical problems, and later Toni found out financial problems. He was also being abused by his caretaker she told me. So she would fly out to Arizona to help him out. Then, about a year ago, she moved out there permanently so she could be closer to him.

"It's his own fault that he's driven his family that's left and friends away" she told me while laughing, "but I just can't not let him live a good life." And she kept her word. She was with Daryl when he passed away. Even after all he put her though, she still loved him and looked after him. That makes me love Toni Tennille even more. I think there's a very lucky guy up in heaven looking down on Toni today. Rest in peace Daryl.

Dan Mitchinson

Dan Mitchinson

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