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For years Dr. Kit was seeing a conflict with the holistic neuromuscular types of treatments he was giving and the American diet. America is an obese and diseased nation. The American diet and weight gain adds stress on joints and leads to an increase in injury, pain and inflammation. Pain and inflammation is also a result of our bodies being exposed to an enormous amount of toxins from the environment and food. This has led to his most recent creation of the Health 4 Life for weight loss and cellular healing. By focusing on all of the things we know cause disease and obesity, we can not only help give you a younger metabolism, but help you regain your health.

This has been the most powerful program ever offered in his 30 years of practice because it helps the over-all health of an individual on so many levels and has far greater benefits than anything he has done in the past.

This is powerfully impacting the lives of people and ushering in a new opportunity for individuals to win the battle against obesity. He recently started 916 THIN talk, his new radio talk show on KFBK 93.1FM and and 1530AM every Saturday from 11am-Noon