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Pizza Party on the Pat Walsh Show!

Thank you to listener Gus for ordering us pizza to the Pat Walsh Show!

Pizza Hut delivery man arrives to the station with the pizzas and bread sticks that Gus ordered for us

the pizza delivery guy is on the phone with his manager working out the technical stuff with the photo and card from listener Gus

The Pizza Hut manager approved the payment by Gus and Pat and the delivery guy are so happy the pizza got delivered

Pat is stoked about his pizza from listener Gus!

Pat says ewwwwwwwwww to pineapple on pizza! This one is for Producer Kendall, Bob Williams and John Brenneise

Pat picks off the pineapple from the pizza and throws it in the trash where he thinks it belongs!

Thank you, listener Gus! Pat loves this pizza

Close up of pineapple on pizza! Thank you, listener Gus! - Producer Kendal

Thank you to listener Gus who ordered pizzas to the Pat Walsh Show!

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