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Stones Gambling Hall on the Pat Walsh Show!


6508/6510 Antelope Road | Citrus Heights, CA 95621 | 916.735.8440

Stones Gambling Hall is Sacramento’s newest, premier card house. Located in Citrus Heights, California, Stones offers first-class gaming and entertainment for visitors and locals alike. This newly constructed gambling hall features two state-of-the-art card rooms, including blackjack and poker, exciting table games and a full-service restaurant and bar.

Stones Gambling Hall offers two separate gaming establishments. The Saloon offers action-packed Northern California poker, featuring recreational table and seasoned professional play. The Tavern hosts blackjack and other popular card games, including Baccarat and Pai Gow poker. Both facilities are smoke-free and offer beverage service for seated players. For guests looking for a more intimate experience, a private event room is available for meetings, events and parties.

Sammy’s Restaurant+Bar features a modern touch on classic tavern fare, paired carefully with a local brew list and hand-crafted cocktails, and serves it all in their contemporary open dining room or table side at your favorite game in Stones Gambling Hall.


The story of card rooms in California begins with the Gold Rush of the mid 1800s, when fortune-seekers, many with families in tow, came to the state and settled in its various communities. As one of the few entertainment options available, card rooms soon became a vibrant part of early California’s culture and even became codified in the State Constitution. These early venues were regulated by the local municipalities that they served.

Fast forward to 2012 when seasoned real estate investor, developer, and entertainment consumer, Ryan Stone saw in the California card room industry the opportunity for revitalizing disruption—one that could recapture the player-based spirit of early California card rooms, while helping to enrich their communities. He created a new company and set out to create a new entertainment option with the potential to bring a neighborhood of back to life. Stones Gambling Hall, in the Sacramento suburb of Citrus Heights, would be the first project. Where the norm in the industry had been dark, smoky, old, and stale, the new Stones Gambling Hall would bring upscale design, high-end service, and innovative player-based reward technology, all in a smoke-free environment that is contemporary and inviting.

Now well into its first decade of operation, Stones Gambling Hall has been an unqualified success by every measure, both for the organization and the community of Citrus Heights. It is a vision realized—an upscale entertainment venue for guests and a boon to the community. It’s a place that the growing number of patrons love to visit and that the valued employees love to work. Sammy’s Restaurant & Bar has become a draw of it’s own, providing a higher level dining option previously unavailable in the neighborhood.

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