Joey Garcia in for Pat Walsh tonight: James L'Etoile #NotYourCat


James L’Etoile worked in prisons and jails for twenty-nine years before turning to crime fiction. He is an experienced facility captain, associate warden, hostage negotiator, chief of institution operations, and director of California state parole. He draws upon his background to bring his crime fiction to life. 

But that didn't prepare him for a trespasser who has taken over his home...and social media feed. A cat, who James named #NotMyCat walked into his house and took up residence in the spare bedroom. 

His current crime fiction series takes place in Sacramento, featuring a pair of Sacramento Police detectives. AT WHAT COST was released by Crooked Lane Books in 2016 and BURY THE PAST (a 2017 Best Book Award finalist in the mystery/suspense category) was published on December 12, 2017. His work has been recognized by the Creative World Awards, Acclaim Film Awards, the Scriptapalooza Television Script Competition, Killer Nashville Reader’s Choice, and The American Book Festival Awards.

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