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Producer Kendall: Celebration at Scott's Seafood on the River!

Hi guys! Producer Kendall here. My fiance' Isaias and I went to Scott's Seafood on the River over the weekend to celebrate my 1 year since leukemia diagnosis! It was our first time eating out at a restaurant in outdoor dining since the coronavirus COVID-19 virus outbreak started. We wore our masks inside and took them off when we were seated. We felt very safe and we were socially distanced from other diners at a distance that was comfortable. We were treated like royalty by our waiter Jon R.! We had the fried calamari as an appetizer which was phenomenal and served with two tasty dipping sauces and a lemon wedge. I had a pomegranate martini and Isaias had a glass of red wine.

For our main course I had the Harris Ranch Filet Mignon with a lobster tail, garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables. Isaias had the Harris Ranch Filet Mignon and grilled prawns with garlic mashed potatoes. I had the classic crème brulee and Isaias had the lemon ricotta cheesecake with raspberry white sangria coulis, almond brittle and candied lemon for dessert. Thank you so much, Scott's Seafood on the River and our waiter Jon R. for our amazing meals and a very memorable night on this important celebration for me! We will definitely be back SOON and I invite all of our listeners to visit for a fantastic meal and excellent service! Be sure to check out Scott's website HERE

4800 Riverside Boulevard, Sacramento

(in the Pocket Area, on the Sacramento River)

(916) 379-5959


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