Producer Kendall picked up some wontonz from the Wonton King!

Hey guys! Producer Kendall here! This morning I met up with my friend Jack tha Tripper aka the Wonton King and picked up some of his famous wontons that he makes! I can't wait to fry these bad boys up and put on a great movie with my fiance and have a wonton date night! On this order we got the OG Green Wontons which comes with sweet chili sauce! Jack tha Tripper is also a very talented local Sacramento artist and while I was looking at all of his cool art in his art studio I had to get 2 of his awesome shirts for my fiance and I that he made with his art !! They are great quality and awesome designs... my hunnie and I can't wait to sport them!

As I was leaving Jack tha Tripper gifted me this cute Boo the Cow from Outer Space art for our new home! Thank you so much for our very first official house warming gift! If you love to support Mom n Pop local businesses and artists like Pat and I do please check out Jack tha Tripper's delicious wontons that he makes with fresh and local ingredients. His art studio and wonton pick up location is located right by Sacramento City College. I will post his menu and photos below for you if you would like to learn more. You can make your wonton order with Jack tha Tripper by sending him an email to his email address here:

Check out the Wonton King's ig here: The Wonton King

Fresh and tasty wontons ready for cooking

Can't wait to try this sweet chili sauce! YUM!

Our very first house warming gift!

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