Kendall's Mental Health Podcast with Eric Mafnas - Stop Stigma Sacramento

Hey, guys! It's me, Kendall from the Pat Walsh Show. I've just launched my new podcast series about mental health and would love for you to listen.

I recently talked to Eric Mafnas about ending the stigma around mental health and suicidal ideation. Eric is a member of the Stop Stigma Speakers Bureau and joins the show to tell us about his mental health journey and talk about ways we can support our loved ones who are having a difficult time and may be having suicidal thoughts.

Please click the arrow in the red heart below to hear our conversation. You can learn more about Stop Stigma Sacramento at their website HERE and be sure to stay connected with them by checking out their social media pages I have posted below.

A huge thanks to Eric for sharing his story and being an inspiration and helping to end the stigma around mental health. You are so awesome!

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