Sen Susan Collins: Moore's Denials Unconvincing

posted by RJ Johnson - @rickerthewriter - 

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins told CNN's State of the Union that she did not find Alabama Senate Republican Candidate Roy Moore's denials of the sexual assault allegations against him.

"I did not find his denials to be convincing at all," Collins told Jake Tapper. 

Earlier this month Washington Post published a report in which it was reported that Moore initiated sexual encounters with a woman when she was only 14-years old while he was in his thirties. 

Following the report, more women have come forward to accuse the Alabama Senate candidate of sexual assault, including one woman who said Moore assaulted her when she was only 16. 

Moore has categorically denied the allegations against him and has refused to drop out of the race, despite the RNC cutting off funding to his campaign. 

When asked what might happen if Moore was elected next month, Collins did not say whether the Senate should expel Moore. 

"These allegations are extremely disturbing, but under the Constitution, the test on whether or not you seat someone is whether they satisfy the age and residency requirement," Collins said. "So, we would have to seat him, but I hope we don't get there. I hope that the voters of Alabama choose not to elect him."


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