Jair Bolsonaro Talks Fake News Ahead Of White House Meeting


President Trump hosts Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro today. The two leaders will hold a joint news conference after private talks at the White House. Yesterday in Washington, D.C., Bolsonaro said his campaign was plagued with fake news that negatively targeted his conservative views much the same as what has been happening to the U.S. President. In September of 2018, Bolsonaro survived an attempt on his life when he was stabbed during a campaign event in the streets of Juiz de Fora in the state of Minas Gerais. During their meeting today, Bolsonaro and Trump are expected to discuss the growing crisis in Venezuela, which is Brazil's neighbor on its northern border. Like the U.S., Brazil recognizes opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the legitimate leader of Venezuela. The U.S. has repeatedly called on embattled Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro to step aside.

Photo: AOL


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