Humanity Can Rebuild that Beautiful Cathedral

RUSH: So now the question of rebuilding it. We can rebuild it. Humanity can rebuild it. And I'm sure computer technology graphics will be used to try to replicate as much of the original structure as possible.

You know it had not even been renovated with sprinklers or fire retardant systems at all. It had just been allowed to exist as it was built, which no comment on that. I'm just providing you information. But there is a story here from Reuters in London. “Notre-Dame Will Reign Magnificent Again, Say Windsor Castle Restorers.”

If there's a lesson to all this, the 1992 fire at Windsor Castle. I had forgotten about that until I read this. Windsor Castle is the queen's favorite castle. She likes it better than Buckingham Castle. I mean, she likes to go to Balmoral in Scotland, get away from the city, but Windsor Castle is her favorite, I'm told. It's one of the jewels of gothic cathedral architecture. And it was founded by William the Conqueror in the eleventh century.

It survived centuries of England's bloody history. It passed through World War II unscathed. But a fire broke out in Queen Victoria's private chapel on November 20th, 1992. Francis Maude, an architect at Donald Insall Associates which led the restoration of Windsor Castle, says, “We shall see Notre-Dame magnificent again.” He's now working on restoring the parliamentary Palace of Westminster in London. He said, “The French can be reassured that it can certainly be done. We would be more than ready to help.”

It cost 37 million pounds, or $48 million to restore and repair Windsor Castle. The rubble was sifted to see which of the bits of the masonry, ceiling timber, plaster, or glass could be salvaged and incorporated into the restoration. A guy said that “France would have an easier time than Britain finding the skilled craftsmen for the job, because it could draw on the Compagnons du Tour, made up of thousands of highly skilled craftsmen in traditional construction.”

That's gonna be a big deal, by the way. The technology available at the time of the original construction, the type of craftsmanship necessary is in short supply today because things have been modernized so much. He said, “The roof I’m assuming is oak and there’s plenty of oak available, including sessile oak which is long, straight-stemmed oak trees –" The problem's gonna be will the environmentalist wackos let anybody go cut down the trees to rebuild the roof.

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