Pet Of The Week: Sparkle

Sparkle the Bunny

Name: Sparkle

Age: 3 years

Breed: Netherland Dwarf mix/Lionhead mix

Sex: Female

Sparkle is one of the sweetest rabbits we have ever met, and we have met a lot of sweet rabbits! She absolutely adores being snuggled and held. She will gladly sit on your lap for hours and could put the most dedicated lap cat out of business.

Sparkle is idea for a first time rabbit owner since she loves being handled and is already litter trained. She even lived in a foster home with cats, dogs, and children!

We believe Sparkle has the potential to be the second rabbit to pass our Love on Loan evaluation and become a Love on Loan therapy animal! Isn't that amazing!? 

Adoption Fee: FREE! Her foster family loved her so much, they paid the fee for you!

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