Sacramento SPCA Pet Of The Week: Whiskers

Whiskers the Rabbit

Name: Whiskers

Age: 5 years

Breed: Lionhead/Mix

Sex: Female

Adoption Fee: $45

Whiskers has the most beautiful coloring. Her dark, smoky coat is a beautiful contrast to her icy blue eyes.

She's not just good looks, as she has the best personality.

Whiskers is a confident and curious rabbit who will approach the door of her condo when she has visitors. She also loves to explore and binky (rabbit terminology for kicking up their heels with joy) in our secure outdoor patio area. Even while she's having fun on the patio, she will still take a break to sit near her humans and allow herself to be petted.

The average lifespan for a rabbit is eight to 12 years old and they don't require vaccines. Whiskers has already been fixed and even comes with a microchip. And amazingly she is also litter box trained.

Come meet Whiskers today!

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