Sacramento SPCA Pet Of The Week: Iggy

If you were to look up 'small dog syndrome' in the dictionary, you may see a photo of our Iggy! This little Napoleon may only be 7lbs, but his personality (and attitude) are enormous! You see, Iggy can get very protective of his things. Those things include (but are not limited to) his food, toys, bed, human, doors, and more. He is especially fond of the ladies, and will even guard his foster mom from his foster dad! Iggy's primary form of communication is growling -- he growls when he wants you to stay away from his items, but he also growls when he's playing, which makes it sometimes difficult to tell what he's thinking!

We think Iggy's perfect home would be someone that loves small dogs with attitudes and is willing (and happy!) to be Iggy's human personal assistant. Iggy's favorite thing in the world is playing fetch with small toy squirrels and can do so for hours on end. (We timed it). He knows how to sit and "high five," but is not a huge fan of leashes. While he is currently living with dogs and cats in his foster home, he wouldn't consider them 'friends,' but more like roommates. He could likely live with both in his new home, provided that they follow his established rules and guidelines. Iggy would like his new home to have adults only. Iggy is crate trained and enjoys having his "man cave" where he can have his own space. He is mostly house trained, but since he was neutered later in life, he would do best on a regular schedule of ins & outs until he adjusts to his new environment.

Iggy came to us with a perineal hernia likely caused from him not being neutered. After his neuter and one repair, the hernia does not seem to be causing further issues, but our veterinarians would like to see him again in a month for a recheck.

  • Name: Iggy
  • Animal ID: 46639913
  • Breed: Yorkie
  • Age: 10 years
  • Sex: Neutered Male
  • Adoption Fee: $110 - or free for humans 65 and older!

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