Sacramento SPCA Pet Of The Week: Shorty

Meet our special guy Shorty! Shorty is a Miniature Schnauzer mix who is about 18-years-old and weighs approximately 17lbs. While he may be a super senior, Shorty still has plenty of spunky personality and love to give! He has been spending time in a foster home and his foster parent says: "While he shows signs of his age, by how much he sleeps, Shorty still is occasionally spunky and craves attention! He will follow you room-to-room and nap right near you." Shorty is reportedly a quiet guy (other than some snoring!), loves meeting new people, and enjoys going on short, slow paced walks.

Shorty has been diagnosed with early signs of renal (kidney) failure and is available for adoption as a Pawspice animal. The Sacramento SPCA Pawspice Program places animals who have been diagnosed with a terminal medical condition but still have a high quality of life in loving homes until it is their time to cross the rainbow bridge. Once in their adoptive home, Pawspice animals will continue to receive palliative medical support for their diagnosed condition from the Sacramento SPCA in order to keep them comfortable. All routine vet care, vet care for unrelated illness/injury, and/or further diagnostics or treatment is the responsibility of their adopter(s). The Sacramento SPCA will provide Shorty's new family with his prescription diet, regular exams, and bloodwork after adoption to ensure he stays comfortable for the remainder of his life.

Shorty has lived in a foster home with other dogs and cats and done well with both! We recommend a slow introduction in the home to ensure everyone gets along. Other dogs in the home should be respectful of others' space and/or match Shorty's low energy levels to ensure he gets plenty of relaxation time. Shorty has met children while in his foster home and done well. Due to his age, Shorty would do best in a home with adults only or with older children who are dog-savvy, understand canine body language, and can be respectful of a senior dog's space. Young children would likely be a bit much for this senior guy!

Interested in meeting Shorty and giving him a comfy, loving home for the remainder of his days? Email:

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