Sacramento SPCA Pet Of The Week: Bella "The Wonder Dog"

We have a very special dog for you to meet! Bella is a 3 1/2-year-old Pitbull mix who weighs about 70lbs. Bella was surrendered to the Sac SPCA with multiple serious health concerns including a severe skin infection. Bella has spent the last 9 months in an amazing foster home receiving care for her skin. While Bella has made an amazing transformation, she will need extra care to keep her skin healthy likely for the rest of her life. But Bella promises to make that extra care worth it: this gal will reward her new family with lots of love!!! Bella has a sweet, gentle personality that wins over everyone she meets (including our whole veterinary team!). Her foster mom says Bella makes new friends wherever she goes and she loves to be the center of attention. Bella is low-medium energy and quiet in the home, she enjoys playing with toys and balls, loves to go on walks, and is crate trained/house trained. Bella is smart and food motivated, so it's a breeze when it comes to teaching her new things!

Name: Bella the Wonder Dog

Animal ID: 37816966

Breed: Pittie mix

Gender: Spayed Female

Age: 3.5 years

Adoption Fee: $110

Bella has lived in a foster home with other dogs and cats and generally gets along well with everyone! Bella has helped her foster mom raise several litters of foster kittens and is very gentle with them. She does sometimes think it's fun to give the adult cats a little chase, but never makes physical contact or harms them once she catches up to them. Bella has displayed resource guarding over food, treats, and toys with the other animals in the home, so if you have pets at home this will need ongoing management. Bella goes in her crate for feeding time and if getting special treats and has a separate playtime with toys. Bella has never shown resource guarding toward people. Bella does not have a history of living with children but may do well with your kids. 

In addition to her chronic skin issues, Bella has also been diagnosed with a low-grade heart murmur and hypothyroidism. Due to her ongoing medical needs, the Sacramento SPCA will provide ongoing medical care for Bella's specific diagnosed health condition in her new home at no cost to her adopter. This care plan will include regular exams and lab work, medication refills, medicated shampoo, and monthly flea preventative. Any additional injuries and illnesses, routine vaccinations, etc. will be the financial responsibility of her adopter.

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