Sacramento SPCA Pet Of The Week: Jack!

Jack is a 13 year old neutered male Maltese mix. He is a sweet and lovable guy that enjoys being with his people and talking for all to hear. This guy is very vocal but had to learn to get his humans' attention due to his previous situation. Jack was originally brought in for end of life services due to his owner being unable care to him and being in very bad medical shape. He had a skin and bladder infection that was left untreated for months. Now he is on the road to recovery and looking forward to starting the next chapter of his life. He will need a patient and understanding home because of his previous life he has "quirks". 

Jack has been adopted and returned multiple times due to him barking; when he has needs, he barks. This includes: attention, potty breaks, food, playing. etc. We have learned while he has been in foster care that once in a home after a transition period(about 1-2 weeks), a consistent schedule/routine; Jack does settle. But his barking can be understandable overwhelming for someone who is not prepared. Due to Jack's severe bladder infection, he had to have bladder stone that needed to be removed. This was extremely painful and makes Jack feel like he needs to urinate more than he actually does. He would do well in the house with a male wrap or have a home where he can have inside/outside access to help set Jack up for success with his potty training habits in a new home.

Name: Jack

Animal ID: 51892881

Breed: Maltese mix

Age: 13 years old

Gender: Neutered Male

Adoption Fee: $110

Jack has a fantastic and playful personality that would bring joy and laughter into whatever home he enters. We are searching for a special home that can give him all the time he needs to settle in a home and patient with his "quirks" that he was conditioned to learn from his original home. Jack is currently living with other dogs and does well with them. He does not have a history with cats but feel he would do well with proper introductions. He does not have a history of living with children but we feel he would do well with proper management! 

If you are interested in adopting Jack please email!

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