Young Girls Still Dragged Into Human Trafficking At Alarming Rate

Would you know how to tell if a girl you see is a victim of human trafficking?

The people at Blue Heart International, who help the young girls out of coerced prostitution after their dragged in say if you know what to look for, you can tell because there are things that just don't look right, like insufficient clothing, especially if the weather is bad.POMONA, CA - NOVEMBER 12:  A man stops to talk to a female police officer posing as a prostitute on Holt Boulevard, known to sex workers throughout southern California as

Victim advocate, Liz Williamson, says when she was herself a victim, the way she carried herself was a dead giveaway.  "I did not make eye contact.  I wouldn't talk," says Williamson, "There could be unexplained bruises, signs of malnutrition.  I was very thin."

The people at Blue Heart say while Sacramento has some hot spots known for prostitution, the trafficking on sites like Craigslist or BackPage drives it further underground and makes it harder to track.



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