California Health Insurance Premiums Could Rise In A Major Way

Americans who purchase health insurance through the individual market may be seeing a serious increase in cost over the next few years.

A Covered California analysis released Thursday states that the price of premiums will likely rise between 12 and 32 percent across the country in 2019 due to the federal government's continued uncertainty.

That price hike would be just the beginning, according to the analysis. The cost of coverage could potentially rise another 35 to 90 percent between 2019 and 2021.

California is one of 15 states that can expect to see costs go up 35 percent by 2021. A potential issue for the 1.2 million Californians who do not receive health care from their employers and are forced to purchase it on their own.

Nineteen states including Arizona and Florida are at risk of having premium prices increase up to 50 percent by 2021 while 17 states including Texas and New Hampshire could see 90 percent markups.


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