San Francisco Removing Controversial Statue

The San Francisco Arts Commission unanimously voted to remove a controversial statue from the city's Pioneer Monument on Monday.

The bronze statue titled "Early Days" depicts a Native American man laying at the feet of a cowboy and a Catholic missionary. 

On display by San Francisco City Hall since the 1990s, the piece has always faced opposition from those who found it racist and claimed it glorified colonization and genocide.

A statement on the Commission's Facebook page said that the public's dislike of the statue and what it came to represent lead to their decision to have it taken down in the near future.

The post said in part:

“The Arts Commission heard the public outcry against the imagery represented in the 'Early Days' sculpture and took the appropriate steps to help rectify an historic injustice. It’s important for us to respect and honor the original inhabitants of this land and to remember that they remain a part of our community today and their voices deserve to be heard.”

The statue, one of five in the pioneer collection, will be placed in storage and a plaque stating why it was removed will be put in its place.



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