Sacramento Students Walk Out to Protest Gun Violence

Students at schools across the nation are participating in a staged walk out to protest gun violence after 17 students lost their lives in a school shooting in Parkland, FL. 

Walk outs are planned for 10:00 a.m. and are scheduled to last 17 minutes to honor each student that died in last months shooting.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg spoke at Hiram Johnson High School today which placed 17 desks in the hallway of their campus to support #NationalWalkoutDay. Students at other Sacramento area schools, like C.K. McClatchy and Bella Vista High Schools, walked out to take a stand against gun violence and protest the change they want made with gun laws in the U.S. 

The walk out is receiving mixed reactions from administrators. Some support the students and their protest, and others have threatened disciplinary measures with participation in the scheduled walk outs today. 

Students say they are demanding a change from lawmakers in reference to the gun violence laws that are in place. With over 3,000 schools participating in today's walk out it is being noticed as one of the largest presentations of student activism in U.S. history. 



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