City of Davis Installs Sidewalk Bathrooms to Curb Public Urination

Davis, CA- Two new bathroom kiosks have been approved for downtown Davis, after the city faces problems with students urinating in public after visiting local bars. 

Each new kiosk will cost about $100,000 and will be placed at the E Street and G Street plazas. 

According to Mayor Pro Tem Brett Lee, "They are called Portland loos, and have been very successfully placed in a lot of cities...So we are confident that it will be a net positive for the overall community."  

The kiosks are made of stainless steel and will be equipped with a flushable toilet. 

The idea is favored by many UC Davis students. "Everybody should have availability, easy access to a bathroom," said UC Davis student Eliyah Valdez.

"The situation is such that we don't want people urinating on the side of buildings or on people's yards, so we need to do something about it," Lee said.

Some are worried that the kiosks will be taken over by the cities homeless population, but the city wont let that happen according to Lee.

The sidewalk bathrooms could be built and read to use as soon as this summer. 



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