Folsom Gets a SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium

FOLSOM, CA— The SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium in the Folsom Palladio will be the fifth location offering a unique hands-on experience to its guests. The aquarium is already under construction and will open in September 2018.

The 22,000 square foot facility will house exhibits for tropical birds in the aquariums Amazon Rainforest, exotic sea life in the Caribbean Cove, and reptiles in the Egyptian Desert. Guests can also watch sharks, eels, otters, and other animals be fed, according to SeaQuest officials. 

“As guests interact up close with the diverse array of exotic species we have planned, our goal is to create a fun and memorable experience. If we can do that, an appreciation of our planet and our environment will become a real priority in their lives,” said SeaQuest CEO Vince Covino.

General manager of Palladio at the Broadstone, Gloria Wright said, "The Palladio in Folsom is the perfect fit for SeaQuest...We pride ourselves on bringing unique experiences to the region, and this very fun, interactive, family-friendly destination will be a huge hit with residents and tourists alike.”

The Folsom location will initially only be open to SeaQuest members, who can enjoy private access and be the first to interact with with all the different species. SeaQuest is offering 50 percent off annual memberships through the end of the month in celebration of the new location. 

For more information about Folsom SeaQuest and discounted membership "passports" click HERE.



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