Taco Bell's Wedding Line Is Here ... And It's Saucy

Courtesy: Taco Bell

If you love Taco Bell just as much as you love your significant other - you're in luck.

Taco Bell just released a wedding accessories line on its online shop and everything costs $20 or less.

Whether you're on the market for sauce packet themed bow ties and garters or TB champagne glasses ... they've got you covered.

This isn't the fast food chain's first venture into the wedding space.

The Taco Bell Cantina Restaurant in Las Vegas has offered wedding services for the last year.

According to the restaurant's social media, they've performed 60 ceremonies so far. 

The Vegas wedding ceremony is performed in front of a giant Taco Bell logo and the package comes with swag, a sauce packet bouquet, and a reception area complete with a Cinnabon Delights cake and 12 tacos.

Should we book our flight now ... or do we have to get engaged first?



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